Study: Mobile Subscribers Want More Choice

According to a new study Wednesdsay by IBM’s Institute for Business Value, 80 percent of consumers said they’d prefer a service provider that gave them more choice in the applications and services available on their mobile device, CNET News reports.

This is something we’re starting to see more of, now that carriers are claiming they’re opening up their networks (although to varying degrees, and still not enough, by most accounts). “As the Internet goes mobile, companies such as Google and Verizon Wireless see a huge opportunity,” the report said. “The market for mobile Internet services is estimated to reach $80 billion by 2011, according to IBM. At the same time, the number of mobile Internet users worldwide is expected to reach nearly 1 billion by 2011.”

The article concluded by saying that service providers like Verizon Wireless are at the very least paying the idea of open access lip service, which is good—but “whether open access can survive as a business model depends on how affordable this access will be. If mobile operators charge a premium for choice and freedom, a truly open network business model may take longer to develop.”