Study: Mobile Ads Increase Brand Value

According to a new MediaPost article, A new Dynamic Logic Research study found that mobile ads can have a direct positive impact on brand favorability and intent to purchase.

Without going into too much detail here, the study surveyed a group of about 600 mobile users that used their phones to check the weather from the Weather Channel, split into two groups. One group saw ads for Hilton’s Hampton Hotels brand, while the other didn’t.

The study found that 62 percent of users in the group that saw the Hampton Hotel ads had a favorable opinion of those hotels. 48 percent of the control group that didn’t see the ads had a favorable opinion of the same brand–a clear distinction.

“In addition, exposure to the campaign caused an increase in purchase intent (defined as consideration to stay at a Hampton hotel for their next trip) by at least 10 points,” according to the report.

Mobile Ads Boost Brand Appeal: Dynamic Logic [MediaPost]