STUDY: Millennials Like Hillary But Can’t Name Their Own Senators

Big challenges for political communicators

If you or anyone in your agency works in politics (or even if they don’t), yesterday’s “massive” Fusion poll tracking Millennial engagement is a must-read.

In short, young people like what they know…and they know Hillary Clinton.

Some cultural basics: race issues are no longer issues for the 1,000 people polled by Fusion. More than half of them said they’d been involved in mixed-race relationships, and their top three “dream dinner guests” are Obama, Oprah, and Beyoncé.

Young people also skew Democratic as they have for decades. That point aside, here’s the pie chart that’s inspiring headlines:


Yes, it’s a little discouraging, but the survey also reveals some big opportunities for political communicators: 90 percent of those polled will “probably” or “very likely” vote in 2016, and they want to learn more about the parties and candidates.

There’s a lot more data to peruse in the report, but the message is basic: if you want Millennials to vote for you, engage with them and give them information. They believe that government is important, and they want to make their votes count.

Condescension guarantees failure; make of that what you will.