Study: Marketers Think PR Should Handle Social Media

“No, I said ‘click send’…”

In case you weren’t aware, there’s a debate going on over who should handle a given brand’s social media presence. We think you might be pleased with the answer: it’s us!

Back in July, a study by staffing agency The Creative Group told us that ad/marketing executives everywhere plan to spend more on social media next year, though this was before Instagram and Pinterest announced new paid promos so the results are all but irrelevant now. We’re more interested in their follow-up survey on the structure of social media operations, in which the same ad/marketing execs said they think PR should handle social.

Here’s the infographic for percentages:

A couple of caveats: The how and the why are important, and they’re nowhere to be found in this survey. This is especially relevant considering how close the results turned out to be, but we think the fact that the survey only included executives from the ad/marketing worlds shows us that the tide has already turned in PR’s favor.

To lay bare the equation behind the headline: PR creates the story and content behind the campaign and marketing puts it into action, managing its execution and analyzing the results as soon as they roll in. Yes, it’s an oversimplification, but it looks like the way things are going.

Former PRSA chair Gerard Corbett has an even bolder statement to make:

Maybe the reason ‘social media manager’ jobs are disappearing is that they’ve been given more accurate titles like ‘public relations manager.’

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