Study: Local pages outperforming global pages for organic, paid interactions


For brands representing themselves on Facebook with both global and local pages, a recent study reveals that fans of a given local page are far more engaged than fans of the corresponding global page, and this extends to promoted posts as well.

Facebook Marketing Partner Socialbakers cross-analyzed 800 global pages and their accompanying 5,000 local pages and found that while global pages may have more total interactions than local pages, the interactions per 1,000 fans on local pages are significantly higher.

Furthermore, the results showed that as page size increased, so did the interaction gap between global and local pages. Socialbakers Chief Editor Zachary Peterson wrote about the study in a blog post:

The value of posting on Local Pages increased as the Fan base grew. The smallest Local Pages took on 107% more Interactions than Global Pages in the same size range. Middle-sized Local Pages outperformed their Global equivalents by 169%. For the largest Pages, Local Pages gained 346% more Interactions than Global Pages did.


Socialbakers suggests that this is due to the type of content that local pages post, which tends to be about events and special offers available to users of each specific local page.

The study then dives deeper into specifics about promoted posts:

The brands we examined promoted almost the same number of posts from their Global and from their Local Pages, about 13%. But Post Interactions on Local Pages were almost 60% from Promoted Posts.

What conclusion can we draw from this? Ad dollars are far more effective used promoting content on local pages than on global pages. Keep spending those ad dollars wisely and leverage your local pages by making content that is both pertinent and targeted.

Readers: For those of you who are fans of global brands, do you follow their global page or their local page, and what content that they share do you engage with?