Study: LinkedIn Edges Out Facebook Among DC Insiders

So... What do you do?

There is no more infamous question in Washington than the cliché ‘what do you do?’

A recent study by National Journal is only reinforcing the somewhat embarrassing stereotype that Washingtonians care more about what you do than who you are.

The Washington in the Information Age study, which is available to members of National Journal’s Communications Council, found that LinkedIn beat out Facebook in 2015 for the top spot in Washington Insiders’ social feed. The two social media websites have been neck and neck since 2012, but this year LinkedIn had the edge following a steeper growth rate.

Among the other findings of the study was that iPhones were in and Blackberries were out, as the iPhone was “consistently the device of choice across all three categories of respondents, nearly doubling in usage from the last time WIA was fielded in 2012.”

1200 Washington insiders were surveyed in the 2015 edition over the course of four weeks, including more than 120 Capitol Hill staff, more than 600 respondents from the private sector public affairs community and nearly 400 federal executives.

For more info on the study, go to National Journal’s website.