Study: iOS Apps More Likely to Crash Than Android Apps

A new study from Crittercism’s Mobile Experience Benchmark Report brings some optimistic data to Android users: their apps are more stable than iOS. In fact, iOS apps are twice as likely to crash. The study also found that Android apps on tablets show less stability than their smartphone equivalent.


The study shows that gaming apps are the worst when it comes to crashing (4.4%) while e-commerce apps fare much better (0.4). If you’re looking to switch devices, the Samsung Galaxy S4 was found to be the most stable of Android phones while the iPhone 5 performed much better than its predecessors.

Of course, if you’re running older versions of Android or iOS, they will crash more often, so if you haven’t already, update to the latest versions to avoid those app crashes. Those still Gingerbread will find that it is the least stable platform.

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