STUDY: Got Milk? You Might Need Life Insurance, Too

yoda got milkRemember the campaign “Got Milk?”

It was greatness. It was a hall-of-famer. It was a catalyst for a milk-drinking and bovine-appreciating renaissance.

Back in June 1993, shoppers who weren’t quite sure what to take with their Lucky Charms got a bit of help via this inventive campaign.

Pity, because — according to a new study performed in Sweden — drinking more than three glasses of milk a day raises the risk of fractures and early death.

What was that about doing a body good? 

Backed by a few evocative commercials and the fact that one needs something to help the cereal go down, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has long recommended that we each drink three daily cups of milk. Word is that healthy blood pressure, preventing cardiovascular disease, protecting against colorectal cancer, and bringing the needed nutrients to your Popeye muscles is a good thing.

However, a study — we’re talking 100,000 people over a span of 20 years — performed in Sweden says you probably should stick to water and working out.

“I’ve looked at fractures during the last 25 years. I’ve been puzzled by the question because there has again and again been a tendency of a higher risk of fracture with a higher intake of milk,” said the study’s lead author Karl Michaelsson, a professor at Uppsala University.

MC Sick of you

The report in the Washington Post shares the study published in the British Medical Journal.

Women who consumed three or more glasses of milk a day had a higher risk of fracture and a higher risk of death. Men who drank three or more glasses of milk a day had a slightly higher risk of death — mostly associated with cardiovascular death — compared to those who drank less than one glass a day. And there was no reduced risk of fracture as milk consumption increased.

What is to be made of this? What is going to happen to the national wine and cheese market? Ice cream manufacturers, what’s up? Froyo shops? And what of every American diner’s best friend, butter?

Got lactose intolerance? You’d better…if you want to live.

The milk lobby has yet to issue a statement.

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