Study Finds Marketers Misunderstand Their Facebook Fans

When people like pages on Facebook, they expect exclusive offers and timely customer support, but they consider themselves loyal customers and are not as interested in a brand’s content as marketers think they are, according to research from The CMO Council.

More than 1,300 consumers and 132 senior marketers were surveyed to understand how well marketers are embracing social media and why consumers are connecting with brands there. As previous research has suggested, people often come to Facebook pages looking for deals and other exclusive offers. What is interesting about this survey’s findings is the discrepancy between why consumers say they like companies on Facebook and why marketers think they do.

Response from marketers:

Response from consumers:

According to the report, 57% of marketers surveyed believe when a customer likes their page, it means their content is agreeable. Only 30% of consumers indicated they like brands on Facebook because of the content they share. Marketers seem less assured of fans’ loyalty, with only 24% of survey participants believing people like their pages because they are loyal customers. But 49% of consumers surveyed said they liked brands for that same reason.

The study also revealed some expectations people have about interacting with companies through social media. Fans expect to be eligible for exclusive offers, likely because they consider themselves loyal customers. They also expect “great customer support” and answers within 24 hours.

The full findings from the CMO Council can be found here. The survey was conducted in partnership with Lithium, which provides social media monitoring and Facebook app development software.

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