Study finds majority of Americans play browser-based games

Image via Goo Technologies

Web technology company Goo Technologies, developer of the HTML5 graphics engine Goo Engine, has released the results of its 2013 State of Browser Gaming Index, finding that Americans are becoming more comfortable with browser gaming, but still want more from those browser-based experiences.

The study was conducted by Harris Interactive in September, gathering responses from over 2,000 Americans age 18 or over. Of those respondents, 52 percent say they play browser-based games, whether on Facebook or elsewhere, with single Americans being more likely (62 percent) to play such games than married ones (48 percent).

When asked why they played browser games, 49 percent focused on finances, saying they play browser games because they aren’t as expensive as buying a traditional home video game console. At the same time, 43 percent said they enjoyed browser games because they don’t require a previous installation of game software, and 25 percent simply enjoy being able to play games across different devices without starting over.

Even as browser games are becoming more widely accepted, 68 percent of male respondents and 50 percent of female respondents say they wished browser-based games worked better. Games in the strategy and shooter genres require the most work, according to respondents, with 24 percent and 22 percent of survey takers wanting better browser-based experiences for both of those game types, respectively.

In an increasingly mobile environment, many respondents expressed an interest in being able to play these kinds of games while mobile, and from a variety of locations:

On the couch – 60%
On a plane – 50%
In bed – 45%
While on the toilet – 34%
On a train – 34%
At work – 25%

“While the results of the survey may seem amusing, they point to a real desire for high quality games to be available from anywhere without expensive hardware or software downloads,” said Marcus Krüger, Chairman of Goo Technologies, in a company statement.  “Games powered by Goo, such as the wildly popular launch of in Sweden, are showing the world that truly immersive 3D games can be accessed as easily as typing in a web address.”

More information about Goo Technologies can be found on the company’s website.