Study: Female Journalists More Likely to Suffer Burnout

As usual, women face a steeper climb than men.

According to a new study from the University of Kansas, female journalists are more likely to quit the field and are more uncertain about their jobs than male reporters.

Scott Reinardy, a UK professor of journalism, surveyed more than 1,600 journalists (more than 500 were women) about their levels of burnout, job satisfaction and support, role overload and if they were considering leaving their jobs. The female participants reported higher levels of role overload and desires to leave journalism. They also reported receiving less support from their employers than men.

The study’s findings merely reflect that our society’s tired old gender roles are alive and well.

“Journalism, as a profession, hasn’t really grown in terms of gender as we’d hoped, said Reinardy. “So what you’re getting is a less diverse newsroom. It’s not going in a positive direction.”

(h/t: Jim Romenesko)