Study: Facebook’s market share in mobile ad revenue is growing


Though Google is still the king of mobile ad revenue, Facebook is gaining influence. A new report by eMarketer shows that Facebook is gaining ground.

Projections through 2013 show that Google holds 53.17 percent of the web’s mobile ad share, but Facebook has grown from 5.35 percent in 2012 to 15.80 percent in the current year. These numbers include display and search ads, excluding SMS and MMS-message based advertising.

162589One of the major motivators of Facebook’s stock boom has been its positively trending numbers in mobile advertising. Shortly after CEO Mark Zuckerberg and COO Sheryl Sandberg discussed the company’s success on mobile, Facebook’s stock price shot up and eventually surpassed its $38 IPO value. As of the close of Wednesday’s market, a share of Facebook is worth $40.55.

In the post announcing mobile revenue numbers, eMarketer notes that Facebook has beaten its initial projection of 12.9 percent.

Overall, eMarketer projects that Facebook will be the second-biggest provider of internet ads, with a market share of 5.41 percent (Google is No. 1 at 32.84 percent).

Facebook’s ad revenue should leap from $4.28 billion in 2012 to $6.36 billion this year, eMarketer also projected. In 2011, Facebook was the third-biggest company in terms of web ad revenue, lagging behind Google and Yahoo, but Facebook passed Yahoo in 2012.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.