STUDY: Facebook dominates social login ecosystem — for now

Many apps and websites have found success using Facebook as a login platform. A recent study and infographic by Gigya, a Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer in apps, examines just how prevalent Facebook login is across the internet.

Gigya found that 52 percent of social logins happen through Facebook, with Google taking 24 percent (and that figure is rising), and Yahoo at 17 percent.

Facebook is far and away the most popular social login mode for e-commerce sites and apps, taking 79 percent of the pie. However, when people want to share from an e-commerce site, they choose Pinterest (41 percent) over Facebook (37 percent).

Victor White, Gigya’s Director of Marketing and Communications, spoke with Inside Facebook about the study:

Generally speaking, Facebook is still clearly the dominant player when it comes to social login, but you are seeing the other networks take pieces of the pie — predominantly Google Plus. With the sharing data, also, Pinterest is huge for e-commerce. Facebook’s not going anywhere, but at the same time, we are seeing the other networks gaining a share or a voice when it comes to consumers want to login and share.

John Elkaim, Gigya’s Vice President of Marketing, discussed why Facebook is the leader for social login:

They were the first mover and they caught control of market share. They also were one of the first players to grow the ecosystem beyond their home. You can really add a lot of functionality to your website if you’re using Facebook. With that mindset, it kind of re-opened our world. That mindset of really opening up led to immediate value for users.

Here are the full results of the study, in infographic form: