Study: CPG shoppers prefer Facebook over Twitter for brand interaction


A new study by G/O Digital detailing shoppers’ habits with consumer-packaged goods (CPG) brands shows that shoppers polled turn to Facebook more often than Twitter when it comes to engaging with food and beverage companies.

The study found that 55 percent of moms and 47 percent of dads surveyed believe that Facebook is the most efficient social channel to converse with brands. Only 5 percent of moms and 7 percent of dads felt that way about Twitter. These parental shoppers were also more accepting of Facebook ads — 39 percent of moms surveyed and 42 percent of dads reported clicking on a Facebook ad at least once a week before going to their local supermarket.

Jeff Fagel, the Chief Marketing Officer of G/O Digital, discussed the findings:

The rise of social media has revolutionized the way retailers and brands approach their consumer audiences, creating a myriad of possibilities for marketers to gain shopper insights and leverage real-time data in order to drive in-store execution.

The value of social media channels like Facebook isn’t derived by posting hundreds of quirky photos, but instead, it’s about targeting every single social message, post, advertisement, coupon and offer to be as intuitive, personal, contextually relevant and engaging as possible. Only then will a CPG brand see the types of benefits that matter beyond brand building – like increased foot-traffic and sales in local stores.

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Additionally, moms and dads are always on the lookout for the best prices. The study found that 77 percent of moms and 72 percent of dads admitted that localized deals or offers from Facebook affected in some way the selection of food/beverage items they put into their physical grocery shopping carts.

What were these parents looking for when they checked Facebook? 39 percent of moms and dads said they’re looking for customer reviews of products when engaging with food or beverage brands on the social network.

The most enticing kind of Facebook post, leading to an in-store conversion? It’s an offer redeemable in store, naturally.

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Interestingly enough, several parents said they check a brand’s Facebook page before visiting the company’s website, mobile site, app or their supermarket. While Google was the overwhelming first choice for moms (64 percent) and dads (67 percent), moms preferred Facebook over review sites, Yahoo or Bing. For dads, Facebook came in third to Google and review sites.

However, while parents were open to viewing Facebook ads, only a slight percent of parents polled said Facebook ads had the highest influence or power over the decision to buy a product in store.

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Readers: Where do you prefer to engage with food and beverage brands?

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