Study: CEOs From “Most Admired” Companies Increase Speaking Appearances By 96%

CEOs of the world’s most admired companies have something in common: they are increasing their number of public speaking appearances.

New research from agency Weber Shandwick looked at the CEOs from Fortune‘s Most Admired Companies list and found that they have increased their public speaking by 96% since 2007. Speaking engagements from CMOs, CIOs and CFOs at these companies increased by 40% over the same time period.

“Businesses are clearly hungry for channels to network with customers and disseminate content,” said Jennifer Risi, Executive Vice President of Weber Shandwick’s Global Strategic Media Group in a statement. Weber Shandwick has an additional interest in the findings, as the agency’s VOICEBOXX service, “identifies and secures executive speaking engagements to shape corporate agendas.”

According to the study, the top events for CEOs are:

Clinton Global Initiative

Chief Executives’ Club of Boston

The Wall Street Journal CEO Council

The World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum lost its status as the top ranked event for CEOs this year, something attributed to “the severe economic conditions at the beginning of 2009 when the Forum was held and the urgent need for U.S. CEOs to remain at headquarters to manage their businesses” according the report.

[Image: Edelman CEO Richard Edelman speaks at the 2009 World Economic Forum. Photo via Robert Scoble.]

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