STUDY: Brands Lose 15% of New Followers in Three Weeks Without Engagement


It would seem that social media users are growing a bit more demanding when it comes to the brands they follow. Last week a study told us that 68% of them simply ignore posts by their favorite brands, and this week a new study finds that 15% of users will stop following a brand altogether after three weeks if there’s no engagement.

Other results of the study, conducted by social marketing company SocialBro as it prepares to release a “Follower Retention” tool, are noteworthy if a bit less revealing:

  • “Influencers” suffer least for lack of engagement, losing only one to three percent of new followers for each week they fail to engage
  • Normals like us, on the other hand, had better engage if they want to keep their numbers up: “ordinary” tweeters will lose 20% of new followers after a week and 40% after three weeks

While the findings released so far aren’t too extensive, the lesson is obvious for brands, community managers and those “thought leaders” who want to increase their influence: interact with people or they’ll rightly start to wonder why they bothered following you in the first place. For a good example, look no further than big name media guy Gary Vaynerchuck, who makes a point of using the time between his many engagements to respond to a surprising number of his 1.04 million followers.

A simple response to a share, like or comment only takes a moment. Even pressing “favorite” on a tweet will do—at first. From that point it’s on you.