Study: Auto Shoppers 71% More Influenced by Digital Ads

Mobile and video make big impact, says IAB

Headshot of Christopher Heine

Of the millions of American consumers planning to soon buy an automobile, 21 percent say that digital advertising will affect their purchase decision, says a joint report from the Interactive Advertising Bureau and stats company Prosper Insights.

That's 71 percent more than the average population, per the study, which surveyed 6,200 car shoppers and 19,774 regular consumers over the course of several months last year. Marketers from Ford to Fiat attending the North American International Auto Show might want to take note.

Other key findings from the IAB/Prosper Insights report, while comparing auto shoppers to regular consumers:

  • Auto shoppers are more likely to own smartphones (75 percent versus 54 percent), as well as tablets (42 percent versus 33 percent).
  • They are more prone to be digital video streamers, both online (69 percent versus 56 percent) and on mobile devices (52 percent versus 35 percent).
  • More likely to regularly watch digital video commercials before streaming video programming (66 percent versus 53 percent).
  • Since the price points are usually steep, this isn't a shocker: They research all products online before buying at a higher clip (58 percent vs. 42 percent).

@Chris_Heine Christopher Heine is a New York-based editor and writer.