Study: 69% of Marketers Believe That Native Advertising Is Valuable

But how big the impact is still in question

The 614 Group, a digital media consulting player, has produced a benchmark study that is designed to help marketers make choices about native advertising. Working with digital company OneSpot, part of New York-based 614's multilayered report entails survey results from 400 digital marketers.

While the grand majority of those queried find native to be important, a much smaller percentage thinks the ads will take over tech marketing.

Check out a bevy of the study's key findings below.

  • 69 percent of marketers believe that native advertising is valuable
  • 22 percent view it as the future of digital advertising
  • 52 percent of marketers assert that getting to right level of scale is their job No. 1 for native advertising and content marketing
  • 87 percent employ their own websites as a means to promote content
  • 80 percent use social networks
  • 76 percent rely on organic search
  • 18 percent are employing content discovery/recommendation platforms
  • 54 percent of marketers aren’t happy with their content-marketing efforts
  • 29 percent feel perplexed by the difficulties of driving business results

Additionally, between April and June, The 614 Group evaluated the following nine providers of of native services: Adaptly, AdsNative, Nativo, Outbrain, Polar, Sharethrough, Solve Media, Taboola and TripleLift. The vendors were presented with nine questions to identify whether their solutions meet criteria for achieving revenue-boosting results.

Though the report, dubbed Native Advertising Technology Vendor Study, assesses vendors' strengths and weaknesses, it doesn't pick clear-cut winners and losers. Instead, it weighs factors for marketers to consider when choosing a native advertising provider, including mobile ads, construction of ads, engagement perspectives, ad content, contextual advertising, revenue drivers, etc.

"The big question this market is still facing is how to do native, but there is no longer any question that we should be doing native," proclaimed Rob Rasko, founder of The 614 Group. He also said his report provides "the foundational thinking they need in order to make informed decisions in the sensitive and critical process of selecting a native advertising provider vendor."