Studios Architecture: Building the Super Cool for the Super Wealthy


Matt Vella has a great profile of Studios Architecture over at BusinessWeek that’s worth checking out. They’re the company responsible for making the tech companies who invented money trees in the 90s (and weathered the storm), look super cool. Among other things, they built the Silicon Graphics and eBay HQs and the interiors of the new Gehry-designed IAC building in NY, so they’re at the center of “projecting coolness.” In the piece, Vella talks about specific projects (the IAC project, mostly) and how the firm works. If you’re interested in updating your offices soon and want to read about a company that there is no way you can afford, it’s a great read. Unless, of course, you’re someone like Steve Jobs or Jeff Bezos. In that case: where’s our free media stuff?! Alissa wants another iPhone! And Stephanie wants downloadable books…for free…for life!