Studio One Launches Content Management Dashboard

Platform to aid brands in publishing branded material

As brands delve deeper into the content game, it can be difficult to manage and understand how to best leverage these assets. For many brands, content creation is relatively uncharted territory. Unlike publishers, who've become acquainted with the trials and tribulations of online metrics and data, marketers are faced with a challenge in tracking the performance of branded material. Studio One, a content creator and distributor, is aiming to jump in early and help brands navigate this new space with today's launch of its Content Asset Management Platform.

The dashboard can track each story and origin language (as many global brands are managing and tracking content in multiple regions and languages), as well as social engagement metrics and simple pageview statistics to help brands understand how their content is performing. "We're not just creating content in a vacuum," Studio One COO Devin Johnson told Adweek. "We're seeing what is hot and what works. What CAMP allows us to do is organize the information and data that we are getting so that we can make good decisions based on the content we are creating and reusing. Ultimately we want brands to invest in content and get a good return."

While CAMP is in its infancy, the creation of a content asset management dashboard geared toward brands represents the latest step in the growing trend of brands acting as publishers. Some marketers have been so quick to jump on the branded content bandwagon that they find themselves unable to manage and monitor the bulk of content they've put out. Johnson noted that "we've been listening closely, and this type of management system is what brands are asking for."

While Studio One boasts some large clients like Procter & Gamble and Intel, the question remains as to whether these blue-chip brands will find success engaging audiences with branded content, a process that sucks up considerable time and energy and one that is foreign to many legacy brands. If the current trend continues, dashboards like Studio One's will allow brands to adopt a plug-and-play approach to their content and obsessively track metrics in a searchable and accessible way. Yet many brands and advertisers are also investing heavily in the reinvention of the display ad, which could create some friction and confusion as marketers look for successful strategies for the Web.