Studio is to Design What Instagram is to Photography

Sharing photos is great on Instagram, but what about tapping your inner designer and sharing designs? There is a new iPhone app for social sharing around design called Studio.

The free app lets you create and share designs with your friends. You can use the app to take a photo and wrap a design around it. Say for instance, you’d like to make a flyer of that photo of your morning coffee. You can take the photo and add text and borders. The app is loaded with design tools. You can crop images, scale and position them on the page, change the color, add text using more than 500 different fonts and even add photo filters.

You can then share your designs within the Studio network and beyond. There is also a feature for remixing existing designs and images. So for instance, you can take someone’s photo and add a border and text to it and then pass it on. The app supports exporting to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. According to TechCrunch, the app is taking off. After only a month in the App Store, the app has already passed a million downloads.