Fake Reader Ruse Bumps Los Angeles City Councilman to Patch Sidelines

As Paul Krekorian confirms today via the Daily News, there never was a Tracy from Studio City. Rather, a question about digital billboards attributed to that name in a recent “Ask Paul” column on Studio City Patch was in fact deliberately mislabeled by one of his staffers.

Krekorian says he was unaware of the fake constituent maneuver and has apologized for the ruse. To Patch’s credit, they took swift and decisive action:

The entire column is now being moved to the blog section of the Patch site, said Joe Wiggins, New York-based spokesman for the company. The move essentially means Patch editors’ are no longer responsible for the content.

“Patch found no other violations in the councilman’s column since it started nine months ago,” Wiggins wrote. “Still, we have decided that “Ask Paul” will no longer be a column on Studio City Patch.”

Part of the reason Krekorian is publicly apologizing is that news of this pseudonymous primping was widely circulated over the weekend by the group Concerned Angelenos Promoting Progress. A note from Patch LA regional editor Richard Core now adorns the top of Kerkorian’s November 3 item, while the “Tracy” question has been replaced with the composite, amalgamated information that should have been there in the first place.