Studio 360 Plans to Give Gay Pride Branding an Update

Thanks to a tip, it looks like our friends from PRI and WNYC‘s Studio 360 are planning to give the gay community a little make-over. They’ve decided that the pride branding, the ubiquitous rainbow, feels a bit dated and needs something new. So they’ve snapped up (possibly a few) design firms to come up with something, as well as plans to ask their listeners to cook something up as well. Got an idea? Send it in to Studio 360 Flickr site. Here’s a bit:

We’re all for gay pride…but rainbows are so…1978. The rainbow flag has flown since the late 70s. We think it’s time for a makeover. Studio 360 with Kurt Andersen is asking listeners to redesign the gay flag for the 21st century. Should it be pink and sparkly? Dark and stately? The design firm Worldstudio is also taking on the assignment and will present its new concept, along with the best listener submissions, the weekend of June 27th.

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