Students Prefer Twitter Over Email, Says Professor

Students Prefer Twitter Over Email, Says Professor

Universities are increasingly having to use digital platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to communicate effectively with their students, with many turning to social media professionals to ensure their strategy is on point, reports The Times.

One such institution is Exeter University, who have a social media team on standby 24 hours per day.

“There is no point in emailing students any more,” said Professor Sir Steve Smith, vice-chancellor of Exeter University. “They get in touch with us by social media, especially Twitter, and we’ve had to employ people to reply that way. We have a round-the-clock team of press officers and graduates savvy with social media.”

“Students will tweet for help if something has gone wrong, or a prospective student will tweet a question about the requirements for a course and expect an immediate response,” added Professor Smith.

Katie Connoly, digital marketing communications manager at Birmingham University, believes that many students have moved to social media simply because it is faster than email.

“For this generation, this is a normal way of communicating and their expectations are very high,” she said. “You can’t leave things a week or two. Email is slower.”

(Source: The Times.)