Students Tweeted Fears Of Classmate Almost A Month Before School Shooting

File this one under “schools better start paying closer attention to students’ social media accounts.”

Could the school shooting that took place this past Thursday at Taft Union High School in California been prevented? If someone had been paying attention to students’ tweets – yes. reports that students at the school had tweeted fears that the shooter, Brian Oliver, would “shoot up the school” nearly a month before he did just that.

A girl who identified herself as ‘Allie Who’ wrote ” If Brian Oliver shoots up the school, I swear to God. I have like four classes with him.”

Another student on Twitter wrote “He made a hit list. Why is he still allowed in school and he always talks about murder like he’s obsessed with it.”

The girl goes on to say “Yeah, he told Bowe (the victim of the shooting) that he watched five serial killer movies and thought of Bowe the whole time… creepy.”

Should schools be monitoring Twitter for clues like these? Does YOUR child’s school do this – and more importantly, do you?

(Concerned boy with laptop image from Shutterstock)