Twitter, Facebook And iPads: Students Love Technology [INFOGRAPHIC]

Kids today, eh? They don’t know they’re even born. When I were a lad we had to walk five miles up a hill (both ways) to a school that was always on the verge of falling apart. Inside, forty of us would crowd around a desk, sharing one pencil and re-using yesterday’s scrap paper, while a 90-year old teacher angrily waved a cane while talking about trigonometry.

And that was during P.E.

Today, my son attends what is called a ‘technology pod’, every child in his class has a curriculum-provided laptop and they all email in their homework. And his teacher is younger than I am.

This, of course, is a good thing. Technology has been a huge boon for the classroom, primarily because it’s making expensive things like textbooks, and even pens and paper, a thing of the past. And cheaper materials mean a fairer system for everybody. But there are other benefits provided by tech, particularly when social media plays a part in the education process.

This infographic takes a look at the ways in which technology is used in the classroom, and why students love it so. Did you know, for example, that studies have shown that students in classes that use Twitter average 5 grade points higher than those in normal (Luddite) classes?

Other key takeaways:

  • 98% of college students own some kind of digital device
  • 8% of students use social sites to contact their teachers
  • Almost half of all college students believe tablets will replace textbooks completely within 5 years

(Source: Online Education.)