Students Now Spend More Money on Books than on Alcohol

A great and terrible tragedy is now occurring in UK universities; students are spending more on textbooks than on beer.

Credit Confidential, a UK based credit ratings firm, just released the results of a recent survey. A total of 756 students and recent graduates were polled in mid-September about their experiences with buying textbooks and drinks in the first month of school.

The survey found that the students spent an average of £76.34 on books and £65.43 on alcohol during their first month at school. And it gets worse when you focus on the freshman year., when students spend over twice as much on book as on alcohol. The respondents averaged £40.93 on alcohol and £86.59 on books. Fortunately the difference lessens in their later years (£73.09 on books vs £65.24 on alcohol).

Has the way of life championed by Animal House passed in to the mists of history? I say NO!

Now is the times to push back against the rising academic standards. I propose a foundation be chartered to raise funds for students. They clearly need more funds to buy beer and I think we should help them find it. Who’s with me?


image by ozvoldjj