Stuck In The Blog Ghetto

Frankly, not quite sure where to begin, but here goes: This will come as news to many of you, but bloggers sometimes drink. Together. On the Lower East Side. And some of them are associated in one way or another with Gawker.

Crazy, I know.

The weird thing is the Observer knows this, too. And they know their readers know this. Yet they decided to devote 1,500 words to the converging phenomenons of “peers,” “happy hour” and “geography” in today’s issue. Bear witness to gems such as these:

Over a half-empty glass of Pinot Grigio, one professional blogger confessed to The Observer her burning desire to somehow “smoke pot and snort coke at the same time.”

Or these, which, if they appeared in the Times Styles section, would get torn to shreds by the very same bloggers the Observer profiles:

It is a college-educated yet often high-schoolish crowd, prone to cliquish divisions, typically separating the A-list full-time professional bloggers from the spare-time regular joes—not to mention the reviled D-lister hangers-on who’ve been said to clear out a room by their very presence.

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