Stuart Elliott Answers Readers for the Last Time

StuartElliottQALogoAs one of the many New York Times staffers who chose to accept the paper’s buyout offer, advertising beat reporter Stuart Elliott has put together his final questions list and checked it twice:

Dear readers, because this is the final issue of In Advertising, I am trying to clear the decks and am publishing more questions than usual.

Befitting his last such column, Elliott leads off with a doozy. A reader asks about a sly reference to Smith Brothers cough drops in an old, short-lived Red Foxx New York-set TV series. The columnist’s reply:

According to The Complete Directory of Prime Time Network and Cable TV Shows 1946-Present, a reference book that is among the final ones remaining at my desk, the series was titled The Redd Foxx Show and it was broadcast by ABC for only three months in 1986, from January 18 to April 19.

Final questions… Last remaining office books… We will miss your NYT byline, Mr. Elliott!