Strut Type Makes Your Photos Old-Fashioned

The $1.99 Strut Type app will help you make old-fashioned photographs with your iPhone, spicing up your web page, author photos Twitter stream or Facebook page with some classical pictures.

The app simulates the work of a Strut Type camera from the 19th Century, adding simple black & white, gray, sepia, greens and cyan filters to your iPhone photographs. You can also put the photo in an old-timey frame or simulate an image taken through a Strut Type lens. Here’s more about the app:

Canvas: Use Photosynthesis to have images come alive on a virtual Canvas, with antique Mildew, Stains, Foxing and other forgotten techniques. Texture: Add a new scratchy antique layer with effects like Dirty Water, peeling and Burnt Sepia that effectively weather and age the photograph. Light Leak: Simulate the effect of the Light Leaks associated with old folding cameras that give turn-of-the-century photography its unique character.