Strunk and White Do It Up, Design Style

An interesting bit of connectivity between two forms of creative stuffs, design and writing, in this really terrific bit of thinking, “The Elements of Style for Designers.” If you’re a writer, you’re familiar with the guide, The Elements of Style, which is sort of a hand holding big batch of information to walk you through how to get things down on paper and not sound like a complete idiot. We’d never really thought of what’s in the book as applicable for any other field, but after reading this, it totally makes sense for both designers and anyone else who is trying to express something in the most effective manner possible. Here’s some from the get go:

1. Place yourself in the background. Write in a way that draws the reader’s attention to the sense and substance of the writing, rather than to the mood and temper of the author.

You’re the best designer in your graduating class; you had three job offers the instant you started looking. Now you are designing a bank site, and someone tells you to use blue. What do they know?

Of course you are good, but no one is so good that her whims should override the conventions and constraints of the design. Just because you have a flamboyant style doesn’t mean it is right for every project. If someone can spot a site and know it’s yours, perhaps you are getting in the way of the work.