Stronghold 3: The Campaigns launches on iPad

Digital Tribe Games has announced the launch of Stronghold 3: The Campaigns on iPad devices. The game mixes city-building with real-time strategy, as users design, manage and defend their castle from all on-comers. The game’s medieval setting sees players completing both military and economic based campaigns, as users experience the “gritty, grim medieval life.”

Stronghold 3: The Campaigns offers building destruction physics, day and night cycles, and a dynamic castle construction system that doesn’t lock players into a grid-based building layout. Users will need to strategize both their castle’s construction and the formation of their armies in order to succeed.

stronghold 650 2

Since launch in 2001, games in the Stronghold series have sold more than three million copies.

“The Stronghold franchise has endured with the fans of the series for many reasons,” said Melanie Mroz, VP of Business Development at Digital Tribe Games. “The unique hybrid of city-building and management with real time strategy gameplay has garnered a strong fan base and we are thrilled to get iPad users in on the action.”

Stronghold 3: The Campaigns is available to download on iPad for $4.99 for a limited time. After this introductory offer, the price will increase to $6.99.

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