Stronger Growth for This Week’s Top 20 Facebook Apps with the Most New Daily Actives

In terms of the Facebook applications that gained the most daily active users (DAU) in the past week, there were no breakouts. In many past weeks, we’d seen a couple apps at the top gaining more than a million new daily users. While that is not the case this week, overall growth appears to be pretty strong.

Last week’s DAU top 20 list, which covered the week ending December 29, showed growth falling fast the further one looked down the list. This week’s showed less. Last week saw total growth of 4.80 million while this week, ending on January 5, saw 6.04 million. Traffic to most apps slowed during the holidays — and also because of Facebook policy enforcement against some viral techniques — but this data suggests things are picking back up.

Top Gainers This Week
NameDAUGain↓Gain, %
1.icon FishVille6,638,656+534,335+8.05
2.icon Facebook for iPhone11,402,912+531,355+4.66
3.icon Causes1,616,352+391,616+24.23
4.icon Friends Exposed1,285,486+391,568+30.46
5.icon Tiki Farm631,839+375,780+59.47
6.icon Mobile5,951,923+361,980+6.08
7.icon Happy Island1,791,959+344,312+19.21
8.icon FarmVille26,003,429+341,835+1.31
9.icon Country Life1,944,457+336,584+17.31
10.icon Café World9,347,792+296,031+3.17
11.icon PetVille4,027,286+262,436+6.52
12.icon Happy New Year 2010 by Kari369,376+244,807+66.28
13.icon Texas HoldEm Poker5,171,059+232,598+4.50
14.icon Static FBML453,953+232,565+51.23
15.icon Facebook for BlackBerry® smartphones7,286,274+226,398+3.11
16.icon Quiz Planet!763,097+217,456+28.50
17.icon Social Interview1,325,503+211,848+15.98
18.icon Island Paradise1,867,514+180,890+9.69
19.icon Garden World175,701+175,483+99.88
20.icon MindJolt Games2,110,615+147,850+7.01

At the top of this week’s list we have Zynga’s FishVille, which gained more than half a million new DAU. Facebook’s iPhone and iPod touch mobile app, Facebook for iPhone, continued to power through the end of the holidays, also gaining more than half a million DAU and possibly driven by the popularity of those devices as Christmas gifts.

While most of the top growing apps here are games — which we examine more closely over on Inside Social Games — other notable non-games include Causes, which came in third, Friends Exposed, Facebook’s Mobile web app, a New Year’s app, and Facebook for BlackBerry® smartphones.