“Stripped” Documentary Celebrates the Best in Comics

As familiar as we all are with iconic cartoon characters like Garfield or the assorted blood pressure raising one-panel jokes of Family Circus, most us don’t know much about the actual women and men behind them. Stripped, a full-length documentary from Small Fish Studios (in partnership with cartoonist Dave Kellett and filmmaker Fred Schroeder) looks to change this by bringing together a series of interviews from a variety of notable names in comics.

The film is pegged by its creators, Kellett and Schroeder, as a “love-letter to the art form” and looks to be just this. Stripped features discussions with 60 of cartooning’s most beloved creators (like Kate Beaton, Scott McCloud, Jeff Smith, Roz Chast, Anthony Clark, Kris Straub and Scott Kurtz), presenting viewers with first-hand accounts of creating comics, opinions on the prevalent digital vs. print publication debate, and speculation on the medium’s future.

Stripped‘s Kickstarter campaign wants to raise money for all the usual production costs (like sound mixing, editing and the addition of animation and SFX) and is willing to reward your kindness with a number of great prizes. Donations net swag like signed DVDs, credit as an associate producer, access to screenings and more.

There’s plenty to read on the ins and outs of Stripped if you head to the Small Fish Studios website or the project’s Kickstarter page. If you’re interested in the film’s creators, check out Fred Schroeder’s IMDB page or Dave Kellett’s Drive or Sheldon online comics.

Stripped will be funded on Thursday, September 22nd at 2.44pm EST if it reaches its $58,000 pledging goal on time.