Strikers Picketing Silvercup


Tina Fey out on the picket line…

Today’s updates for the WGA East strike:

  • Media rep Sherry Goldman informs us that strikers will be picketing outside Silvercup Studios in Long Island City from 9am-5pm.

  • The WGA East is currently looking for Contract Captains.

  • Pictures of the strike’s first day have been posted to the WGA East website.

  • As we mentioned yesterday, celeb strikers Tina Fey, Amy Sherman-Palladino, Seth Myers, John Leguizamo and Jon Robin Baitz were picketing in front of Rockefeller Center. TV Guide caught them on video.

  • Word is that the writer’s strike will give cancelled-because-it-sorta-ripped-off-Pete-Hamill-show New Amsterdam a second chance at Fox.

  • CBS may hurry up production on a new, Regis Philbin-hosted version of Password due to the strike.

    (image via Librado Romero/New York Times)