Strike Watch: WGA Will Picket Stewart, Colbert, Conan


As WGA-sympathetic hosts Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert return to work today they will find picketers. The strike-bearded Conan O’Brien, who has been back on the job since last week, will also find pickets in front of 30 Rock — where Late Night With Conan O’Brien tapes — from 3-4 p.m. all this week. From Sherry Goldman of the WGA East, ”..The WGAE will organize picket lines in front of the NYC-based late night shows returning without their writers. These pickets will be against the media conglomerates — NBC and Viacom — and not the specific hosts who we understand were forced to return to the air without their writers who remain on the picket lines.

”The pickets will be held every day Monday through Thursday next week. At each location, we will have a ‘smaller’ picket line and also leaflet audience members who will be crossing the line to attend the show.”

The reduced size pickets will hit The Daily Show studios from 4-6 pm this week, and The Colbert Report studios from 5-7 pm this week.

(image via rollingstone)