Strike Watch: WGA Indicts AMPTP In Foley Square

Today as temperatures barely rose above the freezing mark, WGA East strikers moved downtown to Foley Square into ”the heart of the city’s Criminal Justice System,” emailed Sherry Goldman, spokesperson of the WGA East, in her daily recap. ”Zeljko Ivanek (aka Ed Danvers on Homicide, and also from Damages and 24) read the Three-Count Bill of Indictment against the AMPTP and its 7 co-conspirators for their inaction at the bargaining table after initial remarks by Tom Fontana and Gina Gionfriddo (writer/producer, Law& Order). Also manning the pickets were SNL head writer and WGA perfect picket attendance award winner Seth Meyers, Chris Noth, B.D. Wong, Edie Falco, Dean Winters, Eric Bogosian, Mariska Hargitay, Katie Erbe and Charlie Rubin, Writer/Producer: L&O: Criminal intent.