Strike Watch: Veteran’s Day Breather

WGA East strikers announced Friday that they are threatening to picket Ellen Degeneres — who has been branded a strikebreaker — if she plans to go ahead and tape her show in NYC on November 19 and 20th.

In other news, WGA East strikers take a break for Veterans Day. Picketing resumes at a rally at the Northeast corner of Battery Park tomorrow, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m (corner of State St. and Bowling Green). There will be a meeting today for Strike Captains at the Writers Guild Office.

On Wednesday, picketers hit the Disney store. From the WGA web site:

”On Wednesday we’ll meet at the Disney Store to demand that Disney recognize the work of writers, work that is being sold at a stunning pace inside their store as well as on the internet. We demand that Disney fairly compensates their writers whenever and wherever their work is shown and sold.”

Sam Schechner compares today’s strike to the writers’ strike of 1988 on WSJOnline.