Strike Watch: Best of the Blogs


Writing is more than a vocation, it is an obsession. Even with the ongoing guild strike, there is an overflow of blogs by screenwriters, journos covering the strike as well as fellow travellers. Celebrities also are getting in on the act (A Norma Rae moment, anyone?). Yesterday, at Chelsea Piers, The Daily Show’s Tim Carvell spoke with NewTeeVee about the new Comedy Central site, complete with 8 years of show downloads. Carvell said:

”That site, especially, I don’t know if you’ve been on it, but you can download pretty much whole clips of our shows that are underwritten by sponsors. You know, when our show goes out over Comedy Central for a rerun with advertising in it, we get a little bit of money for that, we get a little residual. When it’s on your computer screen with the advertising in it, for some reason that’s considered promotional. So we get no money out of it, and that just seems like they’re lying to us, for want of a better term.”

Screenwriter Josh Friedman has an interesting take on the whole ”promotional” thing:

”AMPTP: Wow, Ms. Prostitute. That was some great sex we just had.
PROSTITUTE: Thanks, AMPTP John. That’ll be three hundred dollars.
AMPTP: You’re kidding. I’m not paying you.

AMPTP: I paid you three hundred dollars for sex last week. I consider this promotional.”

Ouch. Expected at today picket line today (if they are not already there) are the gang of Law & Order, SNL, Nora Ephron, David Hyde Pierce, Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon.

(image via slashfilm)