Strike Watch: Best Of The Blogs


Some highlights of the WGA East strike from around the web:

Michael Winship, President of the Writers Guild of America East was on WBAI’s ”Democracy Now,” saying, among other things, that he doesn’t know what to expect when contract talks resume on November 26th.

–On Tuesday, November 27th — the day after contract talks resume — there will be a rally from noon to 1:30 in Washington Square Park for WGA members, ”the labor community, and supporters and fans.”

–Striking Late Show with David Letterman writer Justin Stangel thinks that Nikki Finke wants to kill him. From Lateshowwritersonstrike:

”Nikki Finke has broken every major strike story over the last few weeks. That just raises expectations. People are thinking, ‘What’s next Nikki?’ ‘I want more, Nikki,’ ‘Where is the next big story Nikki?’ I believe with this pressure on her, she has been forced to a place where instead of reporting the news, she has to create the news. News like ‘David Letterman’s Head Writer MURDERED!’

”…As with everyone in Hollywood, I will continue to read But know this Nikki Finke, I will not go down with out a fight.”

— Finally: The rainy and cold weather did not keep the strikers away from yesterday’s rally at Sony Plaza. From Reuters:

”Amidst chants of ‘We’re wet, we’re cold, but we ain’t gonna fold,’ others took a more serious tone. ‘The press coverage has been good, but one thing that hasn’t been reported is that 1,500 WGA writers didn’t make the $30,000 they need to keep their health coverage,’ said ‘August Rush’ co-screenwriter James Hart. ‘This is what we’re fighting for.”’

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