Strike Watch: Best Of The Blogs

Friday’s abrupt break in negotiations and the ensuing acrimony signalled a turning point in the WGA strike that many media outlets are still trying to figure out. From Variety:

”The tone of the WGA strike — now in its sixth week — keeps getting nastier, with both sides abandoning any pretense of diplomacy.
In the wake of Friday’s meltdown of negotiations — spurred by the AMPTP’s insistence that the Writers Guild of America remove half a dozen demands as a condition of continuing the bargaining — the WGA and AMPTP made it clear in dueling statements Monday that there’s virtually no chance they’ll get back to the table anytime soon.”

Yesterday Entertainment Weekly’s Hollywood Insider published WGA negotiating committee chair John Bowman’s side of Friday’s breakoff in talks. Today EW gives equal time to AMPTP:

”Clearly not willing to let the WGA win the PR war, the producers’ alliance issued another angry press release Monday that takes the writers’ guild to task in an effort to ‘set the record straight’ about several union claims, including some made by negotiating chairman John Bowman to EW. Among the so-called ‘factually inaccurate’ comments that the AMPTP attempted to correct: claims by the WGA that this negotiation is only about sharing the revenue from new media, i.e. Internet streaming. According to the four-page release, ‘negotiations broke down [Dec. 7] primarily over one of the most old-fashioned issues of all: the desire of the WGA’s organizers to increase their own power and prestige by expanding the jurisdiction of the union over reality TV and animation writers.”

The full story here.