Strike Watch: 90 Percent of SNL Staff Was Fired

Tonight’s sold-out theatrical performance of Saturday Night Live at the Upright Comedy Brigade Theater should be emotional as most of the production staff has been cut from the show as a result of the ongoing WGA strike. From the NY Post:

In its first dramatic move since the beginning of the Writers Guild strike, NBC has fired ”nearly the entire production staff” of its struggling, late-night staple, ”Saturday Night Live,” sources told Page Six.

”One tipster told us, ‘SNL’ laid off all their staff until further notice. Their production staff, even long-term employees, were let go.” Another source confirmed that ”90 percent of the ‘SNL’ staff was fired.”

Superbad star Michael Cera hosts the show and the musical guest is Yo La Tengo. Entertainment Weekly notes that Cera was contactd about the improv performance by SNL featured player and UCB member-in-good-standing, Amy Poehler.