Strib Targets Copy Editors And Photogs In New Round Of Buyouts


The Star Tribune announced another round of buyouts Wednesday, which will spare reporters and target copy editors and photographers, David Brauer at MinnPost reports. Up to 18 positions doing copy editing functions—though not all of them were officially, solely copy editors, Brauer says—could be cut, while there are no buyout slots for reporters or editors.

The Star Tribune hopes to replace these positions with—in part—”mandated spellcheck for reporters” as well as having non-copy-editors (like other reporters or a designer) look over stories to make up for the copy-editor’s eyes.

Editor Nancy Barnes also notes in a memo to staff that the company is eliminating “several management positions.”

The Star Tribune had a rough 2009: it entered—and then emerged from—bankruptcy; its editorial employees took a 3 percent wage cut in May; and the company eliminated 70 positions just two months ago. (The total of 100 jobs cut in that article includes the 30 that are being dealt with currently.)

Update: We weren’t clear in the original post that management is trying to eliminate 30 positions no matter what; if there aren’t enough buyout volunteers, there will be layoffs. The buyout deal is technically identical to the severance package axed workers will get: 1.5 weeks of pay for every year of service up to 30 weeks; the difference is that the severance will come in one lump sum while the buyout money will come biweekly.