‘Stress in America’ Survey Reveals Stress Management Varies By Generation

According to a Stress in America survey published by the American Psychological Association, our ability to manage stress and maintain a healthy lifestyle is altered by our generation.

That is, as per the study Millennials (18 to 33) and GenXers (34 to 47) apparently have the highest stress levels compared to Boomers (48 to 66) and Matures (67 years and up). That said, the latter two groups also report stress levels that are higher than what they deem to be a healthy dose of stress. (Oxymoron, yes?)

Younger generations indicate they have the most stress and unfortunately, the least relief. According to the results, Millennials and Gen Xers report an average level of 5.4. This is based on a 10 points scale where 1 is technically little or no stress whatsoever and 10 is a great deal of stress. As for Boomers, their average stress level was 4.7 and Matures’ level raked in at 3.7.

As for the increase compared to last year, every generation recorded an increase from last year which doesn’t say much for our quality of life, does it?

For pointers on how to manage stress by breathing, believing and simply being, check out yesterday’s post.