StreamClock Stops Twitter TV Spoilers

It looks like Twivo, the Twitter spoiler blocker brainchild of this teen, did not make it to market fast enough to be able to shout “first!”

Another service has popped up ahead of it and it promises to do the same thing, though a bit differently. But they both protect your sensitive sight from spoiler tweets. You know the tweets we’re talking about, those “ohmygodIcan’tbelievehejustDIED!” tweets that are now ruining your favorite shows! [Foot stomp!]

StreamClock wants to know why you’re letting others ruin TV for you when there’s a better way.

Do you love Twitter but don’t want it to ruin your TV shows? StreamClock “syncs Twitter feeds to your TimeZone so you get Tweets that match up! In YOUR Time.” is a free website that delays live Twitter comments about popular TV Shows 2 or 3 hours, so they sync up with broadcasts in the Mountain and Pacific Time Zones. This allows viewers out west to join in the fun of social TV without knowing the outcome in advance.

Visitors simply visit the site, pick their TV Show and time zone and get the Twitter comments about that show in sync with the broadcast airing. They don’t need to figure out what feeds to follow, sign in or even have a Twitter account – It makes it easy to enjoy the social TV experience.

For example, if you wanted to tune in to see what folks are saying about The Big Bang Theory tonight in real-time, but you’re on the West Coast and checking the chatter would definitely result in learning stuff about the show before you saw it. Well, you could participate via your StreamClock second screen!

The site appears to be brand-spanking new, so be patient and definitely add it to your list of “to do’s” the next time you want to interact with others online while avoiding spoilers.

(Image from Shutterstock)