Stream SDK turns any app into a social sharing network

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MAZ Digital’s Stream Web mobile browser app was released in March 2014, and allows users to cut out anything they view on the screen and then share it via SMS, email, Facebook, Twitter and more. The technology behind the browser has been so popular that MAZ has released its own Stream SDK, giving all developers the ability to implement the same tools into their own apps.

The Stream SDK is free, and eliminates the need to copy and past URLs to share content with friends. When viewing engaging content within an app, whether news / browser related or otherwise, mobile users can “cut out” this content with two fingers on the screen. Then, the clipped content is available to send to others or share via a variety of platforms, including text, email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Tumblr.

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These clipped portions are sent as deep links, so the clip itself becomes the URL. Depending on the device, clicking or tapping on a clip will result in a different outcome. When viewing on a desktop, the clip is opened via a web browser. If it belongs to an iOS/Android app, and is viewed on iOS/Android, users will be directed to the app store to download the matching app to view the full content. If the app is already installed on their device, the app is automatically opened and directed to the appropriate place.

The Stream SDK has already been implemented into over 1,000 apps, including those by USA Today and Forbes. In addition to the inclusion of the clip technology, app developers are encouraged to use the SDK to create live feeds of all of a community’s clips to further the word-of-mouth potential of additional content.

More information on the Stream SDK is available on MAZ Digital’s website.

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