Stream Music With Grooveshark

In MSNBC’s app comparison between iPhone and Android, MSNBC said that Android is the winner in streaming music, and I couldn’t agree more. It seems that every day I am learning about a new streaming music app for Android, and today I learned about Grooveshark. At $3 per month, Grooveshark has the lowest price for a paid streaming music service, and it is also available for iPhone, Palm, Windows Mobile, and Blackberry phones.
Like Slacker Radio and Music On The Go, Grooveshark allows you to download songs to your phone so that you can listen to music without an Internet connection, but according to Androinica, some songs will not play in Grooveshark over a 3G connection. Grooveshark is like Music On The Go (MOG) in that you can select individual songs by searching for them by artist or song name, but it is not as well organized as MOG. Where MOG enables you to browse its music catalog by artist and album, Grooveshark only provides a list of the popular songs being played on its service. In my test searches on Grooveshark I found songs for all of the artists I tried, but it does not have artists’s complete song catalog like MOG. In short, the trade off for the lower monthly cost is a smaller music catalog to select from.
There is not a free option with Grooveshark, but it does provide a free trial for an unspecified period of time. I installed the free Grooveshark app on my Nexus One that is running Android 2.2 and find the app to be a bit unresponsive. I tap on icons on the program’s main menu and there is no response until I press the menu button on my Nexus One. Clearly the Grooveshark Android app needs some fixing in order to run properly on Android 2.2. If you are interested in trying out Grooveshark, you will find it in the Android Market.