Strathclyde University Asks Architecture Students to Skip School for a Year

We reported late last week about Yale and Princeton‘s architecture schools sorting with a glut of applicants and working with them on their financial aid once a select few got in. Seemed like a lot to deal with, but after receiving a tip from our pal Kristen Richards over at the wonderful ArchNewsNow, we see that it’s nothing compared to what’s going on at Strathclyde University in Glasgow. In a city within a country already dealing with a gigantic loss of architecture jobs, the university is asking its students not to come back after their summer break. “Do anything,” they said, just “don’t come back here.” Faced with too many students, too few available jobs to naturally snatch some away from the school, and slimmer resources, Strathclyde says it just isn’t capable of keeping everyone and are asking many to take some time away for a while. Here’s a bit:

Head of Strathclyde University’s school of architecture Gordon Murray felt that the actions were justified and that taking time out would ‘better equip’ students for their fourth year. He said: ‘We advised against returning in the case of year three.’

<p'All schools recognise, with evidence to back it up, that students who spend time out after year three — gaining life experiences — return as better students and improved in themselves.'