“Strategy Stories Dominate Final Week Before Election”

From the Project for Excellence in Journalism:

    Strategy-related stories topped the media’s election coverage the week of Oct. 27-Nov. 2, filling about one-third of the newshole. The contest for key swing states was the leading narrative of the week, at 16% of the campaign newshole. Other top horse race storylines last week included poll-driven stories (5%); candidate attacks (4%); ads, including Obama’s “infomercial,” (3%); and electoral vote math (3%).

    In the competition for media exposure, Barack Obama had a clear edge over John McCain for the second consecutive week. Obama appeared as a significant or dominant factor in 70% of campaign stories; McCain in 52%. McCain’s running mate Sarah Palin registered in 10% of the coverage compared with only 1% for her Democratic counterpart, Joe Biden.

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