Why Strategy Improves Content Marketing Performance [Infographic]

Content marketing budgets are going up, but only half of content marketers feel their efforts are effective.


Content marketing is all the buzz for 2014. Indeed several studies have pointed to marketers increasing their content marketing budgets this year, but less than half of those being surveyed are confident their efforts are effective. The key, according to the Content Marketing Institute, is to have a strategy.

An infographic from JBH Marketing outlines the benefits of developing a content strategy, just to demonstrate the point. Strategy helps improve effectiveness in five ways:

  1. Giving you clear objectives

  2. Defined responsibilities

  3. Connecting the right content to the right audience

  4. Assessing the effectiveness of the content

  5. Measuring key performance indicators

For more details on the challenges content marketers face and how strategy improves performance, check out the infographic below.